This Chaotic Multiplayer Golf Title Is Chipping Its Way to the Top of Steam

A wacky mini golf game is rising in Steam charts.

Earlier today, a certain multiplayer golf game suddenly started driving its way up the Steam active player count charts thanks in part to the free weekend going on now. At this time, Golf With Your Friends is sitting around 10 thousand concurrent users which is about half of the game’s all-time peak.

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Considering the fact that this game came out six years ago, this is fairly impressive even taking into account the free weekend. It’ll be interesting to see if the game is able to reach its all-time high of 20,592 concurrent users later this weekend. Down below, you can see the concurrent player count from earlier today on SteamCharts.

Source: SteamCharts

The even better news is that if you try out the game for free and end up enjoying it, then it’s currently available for 50% off on Steam. Even those who don’t try out the free weekend of Golf With Your Friends can still get the game half off up until Sept. 22. However, the sale doesn’t seem to be limited to PC. The game is available for $4.99 on Nintendo Switch and Xbox right now. Additionally, PlayStation Plus Extra Subscribers can get the game for free.

For those who are unfamiliar with Golf With Your Friends (developed by Blacklight Studios and published by Team17), the game is an online multiplayer mini-golf title that features 198 different holes, up to 12-player online play, optional irregularly shaped golf balls, a course creator, a mode with power-ups, and much more.

Featured Image Source: Blacklight Interactive/Team17

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