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The Newest Pokemon “Poke-Lid” Manholes Are All About Greninja for Ninja Day

Can’t get enough of the popular “Poke-Lid” enameled manhole designs? Three more have just been unveiled in Koka City in Japan to celebrate Ninja Day, and naturally, Greninja is featured in each of these new designs.

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Since the Pokemon that are picked for the manhole designs represent the charm of the region in which they are located, Greninja was the perfect choice since Koka City is known as the village of Koka Ninja.

The designs in this most recent batch of Poke-Lids are as follows:

  • Greninja with a shuriken
  • Two Greninja at night
  • Greninja and Frogadier

You can see illustrations of what these new Poke-Lid enameled manholes look like below as well as a photograph of a Greninja mascot dedicating one of the manholes during its installation ceremony.

manholes with greninja
greninja mascot

As always, these three manholes will also serve as Pokemon GO Pokestop locations for any visitors to use while playing the popular mobile game.

The addition of these eight new Poke-Lids brings the total of Pokemon-themed manholes in Japan to 235 spread across 23 prefectures in the country. These unique manholes promote tourism in these locations as the designs are beautiful and recognizable to Pokemon fans, and they are now quite prolific across the country.

If you haven’t yet seen any previous Poke-Lid designs, you can view some of the most recent installments, such as designs featuring Electric-type Pokemondesigns featuring Vulpix and friendsdesigns featuring flying-type Pokemon, and designs featuring water-type Pokemon.

You may also be interested in how these beautiful manholes are made, which you can learn about right here.

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