Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Adds New Cards, Missions, Free Demo

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

Publisher Bandai Namco released the very first update for its recently released TCG, Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission. The update was first teased last week and is now available for free on PC and Switch.

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The update brings to the table a total of 16 new cards, including four very powerful Super Rare ones. According to the patch notes posted by the publisher, 14 of these new cards are based on the animated movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which was released late last year.

In addition to new cards, Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission players can also look forward to four new battle stages, 10 additional Extra Missions along with a new Extra Missions mode, a wide variety of new card customization options for the Creation Mode, and more.

Thanks to this new update, Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission players can now customize the background music they hear while playing the game. Players can choose songs not just from the game but also from the Dragon Ball Heroes anime series.

New features aside, the update also comes with a patch that fixes some of the game’s most well-known issues. Among other things, the patch fixed the rewards conditions and the unlimited rewards glitch found in the Creation Mode.

Last but not least, Bandai Namco announced that it is now offering a free demo for Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission on Switch and PC via Steam.

The demo will give players a taste of the game’s card customization system as well as allowing them to experience the start of the Story mode along with a few free demo-specific missions.

Twinfinite’s Keenan believes that Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is the TCG spin-off fans have been waiting for, so make sure to pick up the demo if you want to see what the game is all about.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in seeing some of the new additions introduced with the free update, check out the trailer down below.

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