Over 3,000 Deals Live During Steam’s Golden Week Sale; Features Hit JRPGs

Steam Golden Week Sale 2019

Steam is now celebrating Golden Week with a sale limboing over 3,000 deals, many of which feature Japanese publishers and developers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Golden Week, it’s a week towards the end of April where there’s a cluster of holidays celebrated in Japan. It starts off in celebration of the birthday of Emperor Showa, who passed away in 1989.

There are literally thousands of deals for you to weed through, but a handful of popular JRPGs are currently on sale—namely those from Square Enix:

  • Chrono Trigger (-50%/$7.49)
  • World of Final Fantasy (-50%/$12.49)
  • Final Fantasy III (-50%/$7.99)
  • Final Fantasy IV (-50%/$7.99)
  • Final Fantasy V (-50%/$7.99)
  • Final Fantasy VI (-50%/$7.99)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (-50%/$5.99)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (-50%/$7.99)
  • Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (-50%/$24.99)
  • World of Final Fantasy (-50%/$12.49)

Final Fantasy VII and IX, two of the most beloved games in the series, are passed over during this sale, likely due to their recent Switch ports.

The sale goes much deeper than just Square Enix titles and RPGs, also including visual novels, strategy games, fighting games, and more. Here are just a few:

  • Catherine Classic (-25%/$14.99)
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (-70%/$7.49)
  • Metal Slug (-50%/$3.99)
  • President Yukino (-45%/$8.24)
  • Ray Gigant (-85%/$4.49)Samurai Warriors 4-II (-50%/$24.99)
  • Steins;Gate (-60%/$11.99)
  • The King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition (-50%/$29.99)
  • Treasure Hunter Claire (-50%/$9.99)
  • Yomawari: Night Alone (-60%/$7.99)

The full list of games included in this sale is exhausting to browse through, but you may find some hidden gems.

Steam’s Golden Week Sale ends on May 6 at 10:00 a.m. PST. PlayStation is also celebrating Golden Week with a big sale on the PlayStation Store, so be sure to check it out!

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