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Starfield Modders Are Already Planning to Recreate Famous Universes Through Planet Creation

Pizza Planet, anyone?

Starfield is shaping up to becoming a modder’s paradise, thanks to its massive customization system that allows you to generate whole planets and immersive storylines. Modders are already having a field day with this innovative mechanic, establishing ideas of their own home worlds and the recreation of famous universes.

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Given that Bethesda is behind the game, it’s no surprise to see plans for Skyrim-inspired planets, with a possibility of remaking the entire installment in the modern space age. Some fans have even come up with a few names for this dream project, including Skyfield, Starsky (and Hutch), and Starrim. Though, they may want to add The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion into the mix since Phil Spencer has claimed that Starfield leans more toward this game.

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Aside from Bethesda’s previous projects, a ton of sci-fi movies have been suggested for modding, especially with classics like Star Wars and Star Trek. The Death Star has probably been the most requested, so we may need to watch our backs to avoid the sinister Galactic Empire. Other players also want to rebuild the Mos Eisley spaceport in Tatooine, along with the metropolis of Coruscant.

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A personal favorite of mine is the idea for Toy Story’s Pizza Planet, which could be the central hub for all things pizza. The list of potential projects could go on and on, with many modders proposing Alien’s Xenomorph homeworld, Interstellar-inspired planets, and the Vault-Tec Corporation space station.

Several fans hope that the modding system functions similarly to that of the Kerbal Space Program, given its previous success with its creative mechanics. But, we’ll have to see what Starfield will bring to the table once it officially launches. The possibilities are endless, and there will undoubtedly be more modded planets to come to expand the universe even further.

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