Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.2 Unveils Next Major Game Update Showdown on Ruhnuk
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Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.2 Unveils Next Major Game Update Showdown on Ruhnuk

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 7.2 brings some much needed quality of life changes.

The time has come for Star Wars: The Old Republic to release version 7.2, and it’s loaded with even more new things to warm any Star Wars fan’s heart.

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The biggest thing is that this update brings the new planet Ruhnuk into the game. This planet has never been seen anywhere in the Star Wars canon before now. Ruhnuk is “dry and arid but features many river valleys that cut through the desert-like landscape.” The story context for the appearance of this new planet is that Mandalore the Avenger (Shae Vizla) is hunting “rogue Mandalorian Heta Kol” and the trail leads to Ruhnuk.

Update 7.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic will be coming sometime in Winter 2022. We also have word on the changes players might be looking forward to most.

Player Interface & Experience Improvements:

  • A variety of player interface and experience improvements will be made in 7.2 including the ability to select multiple items to deconstruct and delete, custom utility bars, a mini-map to streamline pathfinding, and the introduction of the new colorblind mode.

PvP Revamp:

  • PvP will now feature two queues, either 8v8 or 4v4 which will allow for more balanced matches and quicker matchmaking, offsetting the ability for win-trading and provide more agency to choose between Warzones and Arenas. Players will now also be able to join as 8-player groups.

Gear Progression Updates:

  • Power Ceiling Increase – Increased allowing players to obtain stronger gear by playing. Noble, Elite, and Supreme Decurion Gear from Conquest and Flashpoints as well as Tionese, Columi, and Rakata Gear from Operations will all be upgradeable to item rating 336. Thyrsian gear, available from PvP, will be upgradeable to item rating 332.
  • Power Floor Increase – The Power Floor has also been increased to reduce the time required for new players to catch up and participate in endgame activities. This will change the 318 for PvP and 320 for PvE content Power Floor to 322 for PvP and 324 for PvE. Rewards from Legacy of the Sith story missions have also been increased to item rating of 322.

If you want more details of the above, you can either watch the VOD of the livestream or check out all that this Twitter thread had to offer:

We will be sure to keep you in the loop about the Update 7.2 release date whenever we know more.

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