Something Big is Happening in Destiny 2 Tomorrow

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After a brutally slow season of not a whole lot to do in Destiny 2, from a story perspective at least, it appears things might be finally getting interesting.

The official Destiny 2 Twitter shared today that tomorrow at 10 A.M. Pacific Rasputin will finally “take aim” at the Almighty and presumably blow it the hell up.

This is what players have been grinding for all season, restoring Rasputin to full power, and “Big Red” is finally ready. That’s good because the Almighty is dangerous close to crashing into Earth and killing everyone.

It’s unclear from the tweet how this will all go down. Will there be a cutscene? Will it be some kind of Fortnite-like live event? Will this be a thing that takes place over the whole week until the reset or is it literally just happening at 10? There’s really no way of knowing right now so just be in the Tower tomorrow at 10 A.M. Pacific to be safe.

This news follows the stories over last two days where new content, either for next season or the assumed next expansion, on Europa have been heavily teased.

There’s a lot happening all at once right now in Destiny 2 which is great after a very slow season, but it’s all still blurry despite being so close to day the answers being revealed on June 9.

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