The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: New Gameplay Trailer Released

Snowy Escape Gameplay Trailer

After the announcement of The Sims 4’s newest expansion, Snowy Escape, the team behind the pack revealed a trailer on their Twitter. Now, we have a new Snowy Escape gameplay trailer depicting some of the new features we can expect. When it comes to creating an Asian inspired atmosphere and combining it with a fun snowy vacation theme, this pack seems like it’s going to hit all the right spots.

Check out the Snowy Escape gameplay trailer below and read on for some feature highlights.

When considering the snowy vacation spot aspect of the upcoming pack, it seems that we can expect some new fun activities for our Sims. The Snowy Escape gameplay trailer shows that the expansion will have everything from snowboard to sledding, and will even include rock-climbing. The mountainous setting provides for some great activities– both cold and otherwise.

In terms of the Japanese-inspired activities, it looks like we can expect to be able to go into bath houses or hot springs, try out some different street foods, visit shrines, and explore the natural beauty of the new map by hiking. There are also fireworks– probably to accompany any festivals.

Build and buy mode weren’t second thought here, however! There will be some beautiful new housing options, from the roofs to the walls. It seems that Simmers will finally be able to customize platform heights from the regular floor height. Buy mode will bring various new furniture, including some adorable floor seating and beautiful decor.

Finally, the trailer depicts some gorgeous new clothing options for your Sims and even hairstyles– bright color lovers, ready yourselves. If the Snowy Escape expansion sounds like something you’d love, pick it up on Friday, 13 Nov.

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