Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Has Been Delayed Due to the Ongoing Conflict in Ukraine

Anticipated to now release a few weeks later.

sherlock holmes and watson Image Source: Frogwares

Frogwares, the Ukrainian studio behind upcoming mystery adventure title Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, has released a deeply personal video that explains the cause of the title’s latest delays.

The four minute video takes viewers behind the veil, detailing how bombing from the Russian forces has disrupted the power, forcing the Ukrainian government to implement scheduled blackouts. The studio, based in Kyiv, had introduced remote work as a response to Covid, however the inconsistent nature of the electricity has forced some employees back into the office. Others who are unable to return to the studio itself, are only capable of working at certain times of night, dependent on when they have access to power.

Sherlock Holmes the Awakened was first released in 2007 for PC, the third in a series of games starring the world-famous detective. In it, Holmes and Watson are seeking the truth behind a recent series of disappearances centered around the Cthulhu Mythos. Focusing on Lovecraft’s eldritch monsters was a departure for the series, and the upcoming remake is receiving a significant script overhaul.

Originally slated for a February release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, Sherlock Holmes the Awakened is now being pushed back a few weeks for final bug testing. Frogwares anticipates that the game will launch in either March or April.

For more on the struggles the studio has been facing in the wake of the Russian invasion, we encourage you to watch Frogwares’ previous video about the struggles of development.

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