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Rune Factory 5 Welcomes Adventurers to Rigbarth With a New Story Trailer & Screenshots

Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 Welcomes Adventurers to Rigbarth With a New Story Trailer & Screenshots

The next chapter in the Rune Factory saga is almost here, as Marvelous Inc. has just released a brand new story trailer welcoming fans of the series to Rune Factory 5. The latest adventure in the series is set to tell an epic tale that is accessible to new and veteran players alike, taking place in the beautiful town known as Rigbarth.

You can check out the story trailer and some brand new screenshots for yourself right down below.

When describing the events of Rune Factory 5, the trailer teases a mysterious series of events that are unfolding in Rigbarth. In order to bring harmony to the lands and their creatures, players must earn their stripes by completing farming activities, crafting, and helping the townsfolk, all while trying to recover memories of their past.

Key features for Rune Factory 5 include

  • Fast-paced action RPG combat: Venture into the vast, vibrant wilderness with friends from Rigbarth by your side to unlock powerful and stylish link attacks that encourage teamwork and strategy.
  • Forge friendships and find love: Forge friendships, fall in love and even marry the townsfolk who live and work alongside you in Rigbarth, including same-sex marriage for the first time in the series.
  • Relaxing life simulation gameplay: Take time out of your adventure to enjoy the gentler pace of town life. Compete in cooking, crafting, and fishing contests or invite your sweetheart to join you for stargazing during one of Rigbarth’s many seasonal festivals.
  • Fantasy farming taken to new heights: Grow a wide variety of crops in the field or on a dragon’s back and tame monsters to serve as your helpful farmhands.

Rune Factory 5 is set to launch physically and digitally on March 25, 2022, on the Nintendo Switch. For more info on the game, check out all of the related articles we’ve got down below.

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