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Quake Champions Is Now a Free-to-Play Game Permanently

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Quake Champions Is Now a Free-to-Play Game Permanently

Earlier today during a keynote at ZeniMax Media’s QuakeCon convention, Bethesda announced Quake Champions is moving to a free-to-play model permanently, available to play free immediately.

Developed by id Software, Quake Champions is a PC exclusive multiplayer shooter and the first entry in the iconic series since 2004. The game has been in Early Access since 2017 as a $30 package. Previously, Bethesda had been running a free trial promotion over E3 back in June, which was later extended beyond the initial week, allowing people who signed up to keep the game for free beyond the trial period. That seemed rather generous at the time, but it’s now clear the game was planned to move entirely to the free-to-play model that had originally only been planned as an option.

You can download and play the game either via Steam or the Bethesda Launcher.

You can check out a new trailer for Quake Champions, showing off the latest addition to the game, Quake’s Death Knight, below:

Quake Champions features a group of heroes from the iconic series, each with their own special abilities, as well as characters from id Software’s other popular franchises, such as DOOM and Wolfenstein.

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