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Quake Champions is Free-To-Play for Another Week After E3

Quake Champions

Quake Champions is Free-To-Play for Another Week After E3

Quake Champions, id Software’s latest multiplayer entry in the Quake franchise, is extending its free-to-play trial for a second week, Bethesda announced today.

Bethesda allowed all Steam users to install and play the first-person multiplayer shooter in a free trial for an entire week during the publisher’s E3 2018 press conference last week. Those who signed up before Sunday, June 17 would be able to continue playing past the free trial. The company has extended the offer until Monday, June 25 and will also allow newly registered players to play past the temporary free trial.

Quake Champions is currently in Steam Early Access and costs $30 to gain access. The title is slated to be in early access “at least until the early part of 2018,” according to the game’s Steam store page, but will release with a free-to-play version where characters can be unlocked for a limited time with in-game currency or bought indefinitely with real money.

Players who want access to all present and future characters can get a 34% discount on the Quake Champions Champions Pack and Quake Champions Champions Pack Upgrade at $19.79. It also comes with an exclusive skin, three loot chests, and the ability to play custom games. The pack discount lasts until June 21.

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