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New PS4 Games Revealed by Sony from China Hero Project Get First Screenshots and Details

Following Sony interactive Entertainment’s China Hero Project presentation from Beijing, the house of PlayStation revealed official details and the first screenshots of all the seven games that were newly-announced.

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We get to see titles pretty much from every taste, from RPGs to multiplayer online games, passing by adventure titles, stealth, and more. For each game we also get to see its key artwork.

The first game we get to learn about is AI Limit by Palm Pioneer.

“AI LIMIT is a hardcore action role-playing game created by PalmPioneer’s SENSE GAMES studio. It has a rich world of exploration and a thrilling battle experience. In the game, the player will control the heroine Arrisa, relying on his ability and will to save the future world full of threats and mysteries.

Players can wear a variety of headwear, body, limbs and other components to adjust their abilities and create a unique character dress. The game has a rich variety of weapons, each with a unique combat stance, with a wealth of props for players to find their own fighting rhythm and style. Along the way, players will encounter a wide variety of characters and work with them to advance the story to understand all aspects of the world. The game has multiple endings, all depending on the player’s understanding and judgment of the world.

Director Yang Bin began to conceive the world setting of the game in 2016 and entered formal development work in 2017. In the meantime, the team constantly tries, overthrows, and summarizes. The purpose is to create unique and original settings, and build a rich and novel world environment and role. At the same time, the development team also strives to make every monster full of challenges and fun, so that every world environment is full of sense, full of exploration elements, and let the control experience flow smoothly. “AI LIMIT” will be launched on the PlayStation with unique content, and I sincerely hope that players will like this work.”

Following, we take a look at Ran: Lost Islands by Jolly Roger Game

“JOLLY ROGER GAME Co., Ltd.  was established on April 10, 2018. It is a young studio, which is dedicated to independently developing higher quality Chinese games and providing them to global players to create original game IP. R&D studio. The studio has an excellent R&D team and constantly updates the technology and philosophy of game design and development, and is committed to maintaining a leading position in the gaming industry. The core members of the team are from well-known domestic game companies. The average game industry experience has been more than 5 years, and they have participated in the research and development of many large-scale online games.

At present, the studio is fully developing a large-scale multiplayer online competitive game based on the new IP “RAN: Lost Islands”. The founder and core team members of the studio have worked in well-known domestic game companies. Now they choose to set up an independent studio to complete the dream of making console games all the time. “RAN: Lost Islands” is the first work after the establishment of the studio. It is also the beginning of the team’s dream. This work chose the 17th century, which is the era when the world civilization began to merge and the big voyage began. The team members hope to create a cold weapon game that can be accepted by the world wide  players.”

Then we move on to Convallaria by Chengdu LoongForce Technology.

“The year of 2019 meant not only hope, but also challenges to the developing team of Convallaria Project of Chengdu Loong Force.

Unlike other shooting games, Convallaria Project tries to show players with different emotional clutters, real-like experiencing as well as the stronger and more smooth battle plays.

The developing concept of how to combine the worldview design with scene structure, enemy structure and battle system, and eventually spread to other ACT games and even more complicated FTG games, was one of the tasks for the developing team to solve.

The team has repeatedly adjusted the balance point between aesthetics and frames of figure animation, many previously-made games have been studied, compared and even abandoned to keep iterating to eventually pick the best fruit.

What Convallaria Project wants is to present all the PlayStation players with an acting and shooting game that is unique and made by the developing team from our homeland. Waiting for players at the place where convallaria blossoms, besides cathartic battles there’s also an emotional expression along with our Convallaria Project to sing together a song of “love that couldn’t be delivered”.”

In Nightmare by YiXing Network Technology is next.

“In Nightmare”(working title) is the game which the Magic Fish Studio is making currently. This is a dark fairytale of exploring the growing pain and self-salvation. Players will wander in misterious dream world, in other world, it is an adventure game combined with imagination and realism.

The intention of designing this game is to inspire people’s interest with philosophy and knowledge. As the founder of the studio, Fan Yu is an experienced developer and a core gamer since his childhood. With his own vision of making good games, he hopes to become more professional developer together with his team by joining China Hero Project, which can also help them concentrate more on developing this title from now on. In the near future, they hope they can unite more developers who also have passion to games and they wish they can ship the title by using all they can for PlayStation users.”

F.I.S.T. by TiGames Network Technology brings some grumpy bunny action.

“The developers at TiGames are a group of console game fans, after working in gaming industry for a few years, they want to make something from their hearts–a console game they themselves and other players will all love to play. With that in mind, Tao Zhang, the founder of TiGames, called upon his friends to join him to establish TiGames in 2016, their first game Ancient Amuletor VR was successfully released in 2017 on PlayStation 4.

F.I.S.T. (working title) is the second game from TiGames, it is a metroidvania game that the player will play as a rabbit who can manipulate the big mech-arm on his back, exploring in a vivid diesel punk world and fighting against the evil robot army. There will be a vast world map for the player to explore to meet with friend NPCs and encounter enemies, discover items and weapons and seek for the answers for the secrets hidden behind.

Metroidvania is a very popular genre in recent years, you can find great games of this genre on all console platforms, the competition is indeed very tough for any developers. However, TiGames still wants to give it a shot because they want their F.I.S.T. to be considered as one of these great metroidvania games in the future as well, with the top quality that player will all enjoy playing on PlayStation.”

Anno Mutationem by Beijing ThinkingStars Technology Development brings some charming pixel art to the table.

“The developers of ANNO: Mutationem are composed of a bunch of veterans and youngsters full of enthusiasm in console game development field. With the combination of the pixel art style and the cyberpunk elements, those hardcore action game lovers strike up the world of ANNO: Mutationem.

ANNO: Mutationem set up a near future Metropolis after the catastrophy. Moreover, they’ve introduced the famous open-sourced work series “SCP Foundation” in to the world of ANNO: Mutationem, to mix the creative ideas of authors from all over the world.

After the release of the concept video of ANNO: Mutationem, the project quickly gained a lot of attention and support from a large number of players. And the continual communication and interaction with the players is also a typical feature of the ANNO: Mutationem team in their develop procedure.

From the abandoned ruins of a former giant city to the bustling street in the Metropolis. The developers of ANNO: Mutationem hope to provide a refreshing combat experience and rich exploration in the world of ANNO: Mutationem.”

Last, but not least, we get to hear about Evotinction by Spikewave Games.

“Spikewave Games is a passionate game development team founded by four experienced hardcore game developers whose years of close cooperation have forged a shared vision in addition to a highly efficient team.

“Evotinction” is a third person stealth game featuring unique hacking mechanics. The developers share an enormous passion for the stealth genre and wish to provide a complex and dynamic stealth experience for players. A variety of hacking skills, environment devices and gadgets provide rich emergent gameplay.

Set in the near future, “Evotinction” aims to discuss the relationship between evolution and extinction. As technology rapidly develops, its potential threat grows as well. Artificial intelligence, gene editing, and quantum entanglement are just a few emerging technologies that will challenge mankind’s understanding of life and morality. The trend can not be undone, how far will our species go with technology?”

We also get a message from Lost Soul Aside developer Ultizero Games, reassuring fans that development is proceeding well.

“Today was the PlayStation China Hero Project Spring Showcase. Rest assured, development on Lost Soul Aside is proceeding well. The development team thanks everyone for their patience and continued support.”

On the other hand, Surgical Scalpels announced that the closed beta of Project Boundary is coming soon.

If you want to see more of the seven China Hero Project games showcased above, you can also enjoy their trailers that were revealed during the presentation.

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