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Pokemon Sleep Arrives This Year, with a Pokemon GO Plus Plus Device… No, That Is Not a Typo

Catching some z's while catching some Pokemon? That's a win-win!

A new mobile Pokemon title is on the way, and it involves sleeping! Brought to light by the footage showcased during the annual Pokemon Presents event, the aptly titled Pokemon Sleep is a new mobile game that hopes to encourage better nighttime habits/patterns alongside an intuitive way to enhance your Pokemon Go activities. While the game itself doesn’t have a firm release date, its tentative release is this summer on both Android and IOS mobile platforms.

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The game itself centers around an island, with Snorlax being the would be the centerpiece. As players get more sleep, they attract certain Pokemon that seemingly mimic the players’ sleep patterns. More specifically, each of the three starting Pokemon from the original games showcases the sleep players may be categorized as getting. For example, dosing is synonymous with Bulbasaur, Snoozing is attached to Charmander, and Slumbering to Squirtle respectively. 

One of the most intriguing things is that certain obscure sleep habits seem to attract Pokemon sleeping in unique positions. At the end of the day, players will be essentially sleeping and receiving rewards in the form of finding all these different styles/associated Pokemon. 

Finally, the event also introduced the Pokemon Plus Plus device which can be used instantaneously between both Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go. Players will just need to press it once going to sleep, and again when waking up to track their sleep. Additionally, the device comes equipped with a Pikachu who can learn new songs and actions that are contingent on how well you sleep. Like the Pokemon Go companion device prior, the device allows players to catch the creatures in Pokemon Go with the flick of a wrist. Additional footage from the event can be found here, celebrating Pokemon Day 2023.

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