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You Can Now Purchase This Adorable Pikachu and Diglett Funko Figure

pokemon, pikachu and diglett funko figure for sale

You Can Now Purchase This Adorable Pikachu and Diglett Funko Figure

Have you ever heard about that tale that if you see a Diglett’s shadow you’ll get extra weeks of the winter cold? No? Well, this Pokemon Funko figure of Pikachu surprised to see Diglett might mean that some surprising weather is in store for us or just for Pikachu.

Anyways, starting today, trainers can purchase this adorable “A Day with Pikachu: Surprising Weather Ahead” Funko figure at the Pokemon Center online shop.

The three-inch Pikachu and Diglett figure cost $14.99 and the website limits purchases to only four units so that everyone has a chance to grab one for themselves before it eventually sells out.

If you’re looking for a cute item to have on your work desk or on your shelf or even as a gift for that Pikachu fan in your life, this Funko Pop should do the trick.

For more Pokemon-related news, check out this episode of the Food Network Cake Challenge that featured scary/impressive edible Pokemon creations. Also, the first episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings has aired today on the official YouTube channel for Pokemon, and you can watch it here.

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