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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door but in the Style of Persona 5

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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door but in the Style of Persona 5

We all know that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is hands-down the best Paper Mario game out there (sorry Sticker Star) and one fan of the turn-based GameCube RPG has been working on some very high-quality animations but in the style of Persona 5 and the result is something wonderful.

According to their Twitter profile, @KrusperAnims is a 16-year-old artist who happens to be a big fan of the Paper Mario and Persona franchises. They originally tweeted this video yesterday and since then, it has garnered lots of attention (if you want to see the higher-quality YouTube video, just head to the bottom of this article):

As you can see, Krusper has re-done the all-out attack from Persona 5 but with the lovely cast members of The Thousand Year Door, along with the negotiation sequence too.

Krusper mentions in another tweet that everything you see in the video was basically recreated and reanimated from scratch and this video took about eight days of constant work and thanks to Krupser having some of the idle animations pre-animated, it saved them some precious time.

You can watch the video on YouTube down below as well as another video that shows some slick menu transitions.

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