The Next Doom Game Has Been Announced, & It’s Not What You’d Expect

No, it isn't the Animal Crossing crossover we have all been waiting for.

Mighty Doom Image Source: Alpha Dog Games

When you think of Doom, you likely recall fond memories of playing through stages of ultra violence, ripping and tearing your way through until it is done. Perhaps you remember your favorite heart-pounding moments of brutality, mayhem, and carnage. However, one thing the Doom series may not commonly be thought of as is cute. Well, that is about to change, now that the next Doom game has been announced, and it is not what you would expect.

Publisher Bethesda Softworks has announced Mighty Doom, the latest installment in the franchise, created by Alpha Dog Games for mobile devices. Mighty Doom has shown itself to be a large departure from the tried-and-true first-person shooter formula of the franchise. Instead, this new mobile game will be a top-down arcade shooter, essentially in the shoot-em-up genre.

Despite the shocking difference in gameplay structure, the violent and action-packed spirit of the series seems to be alive in Mighty Doom, judging by its announcement trailer.

In Doom (2016) and Doom Eternals, players can locate miniature figurines of the protagonist, the Doom Slayer. Nothing quite beats how cute it is do see the Doom Slayer fist bump these little dudes. At last, in Mighty Doom, you get to play as one. Players will get to customize their own Mini Slayer, battling waves of enemies with the prime objective of rescuing his pet rabbit Daisy. We told you this was different.

Nevertheless, it seems like an exciting and light romp in the Doom universe. For those aching for the brutality of the past, the trailers shows the Mini Slayer getting to dismember a poor enemy. While this may not have been an announcement the world was expecting, fans of the series can rest easy knowing the gratuitous violence is still at play in Mighty Doom. And just look at how big their heads are. So cute.

Mighty Doom will be releasing in select countries on Mar. 21, 2023 for Android and iOS. Pre-registration is open until Mar. 19 on Google Play and the App Store.

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