Kohaku & Matsuba bundle

New Valorant ‘Kohaku & Matsuba’ Skin Bundle Is Only the Second to Feature a Fan Melee

The Kohaku & Matsuba bundle weapons have an aquatic theme.

Another Valorant patch, another new weapon skin bundle to go along with it. Called the Kohaku & Matsuba bundle, the weapons have an aquatic theme somewhat reminiscent of the golden carp you might expect to see in the pond of a Japanese garden. To go along with the calming zen of its design is a cooling fan, which comes in several different colors.

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Riot Games has today showcased the bundle with various images and some short video clips revealing the melee animation.

As you can see from the bundle image above, the Kohaku & Matsuba bundle features the following weapons:

  • Classic
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Melee Fan

The price of the bundle hasn’t yet been revealed, but given that it doesn’t appear to feature any unique animations, kill banners or special SFX, we’re going to assume it’s the Deluxe Tier. These are the skins with the green rhombus, which cost 1275 VP ($16) per individual skin or 5,100 ($62) per bundle. Of course, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation yet.

The Kohaku & Matsuba are set to launch tomorrow when the new patch deploys. Patch 5.05 is just a small one, making the following minor changes to the game:


  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to report yourself
  • Fixed an issue where some of you did not receive a notification when attempting to join a party you’ve been kicked from
  • Fixed an issue where a blank user would appear in the Social Panel when joining a party where players are in-game
  • Fixed an issue where you could not successfully report a player in Agent Select after the game has been running for 30 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where players with non-English characters in their Riot IDs could not be found via Invite by Riot ID
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Context Menu and Friend Note text fields to close when a Friend’s status updated in the Social Panel
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Party Leader’s matchmaking lobby selection to affect in-game Party Members’ status in the Social Panel


  • Fixed a bug where binding the “Home” key to an action does not work
  • For certain languages, the tooltip values of rewarded credits in Overtime Rounds was incorrect.
    • Updated tooltip values to reflect that you will start with 5000 credits at the start of Overtime Rounds, no matter if you win or lose the previous round.

Part of the reason Patch 5.05 is so small is because Valorant is in the midst of its major esports tournament, Champions, which continues more or less for the remainder of this month. You can read about why it’s so important here, and don’t forget there are free Twitch/YouTube drops to earn as you watch — more information can be found here.

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