New Fortnite First-Person Leak Gives Us a Fresh Look of the Upcoming Mode
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New Fortnite First-Person Leak Gives Us a Fresh Look of the Upcoming Mode

Just want to see those wraps up close.

For a while now, dataminers have suggested that Fortnite’s battle royale modes could get a first-person perspective option/mode. However, there hasn’t been all that much movement on it, so it seemed like maybe it was something that Epic Games had dropped. Just as all hope was starting to seem lost, the most recent 23.30 update has shown that the mode is still coming.

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Dataminer @ShiinaBR has announced that Epic Games “had added new files” regarding the first-person mode in the update. This still doesn’t give any clue on when this mode might be implemented, but it proves Epic Games is committed to at least trying it out.

Obviously, the mock-up image in that tweet is rather old, considering the XP bar at the bottom of the screen that was removed when Chapter 3 began.

Also, thanks to ShiinaBR, there is a better idea of what first-person might look like, but it’s thanks to a bug and likely not fully accurate.

One of the things about that video that fans might latch onto is getting to see weapon Wraps up close. Since wraps were added in season 7, tons have been released either through the store or battle passes. While some wraps aren’t anything special, many are animated in some unique way that is somewhat lost on only getting a third-person view.

Fortnite would certainly not be the first battle royale to offer first-person and third-person modes, either. PUBG has proven that both can be an option without any issue, but surely building in Fortnite will have a bit of a learning curve.

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