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New Evidence That The Last of Us Part III Is on the Way Has Just Dropped

Could it finally be happening?

The Last of Us Part II was released back in June of 2020; and despite being controversial at the time, it was a huge success. Ever since, fans of the series have been waiting for news about a third installment. Now, it seems that we may have just received a hint about it being in development…

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The Last of Us Part III is Reportedly in the Works

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the game’s co-creator, Neil Druckmann, was discussing season 2 of The Last of Us HBO. In the interview, he was also asked about the possibility of a third The Last of Us game, which has been long awaited.

His answer seemed to give away the fact that it is something that is being worked on. Joey Nolfi, the interviewer, went on to write this quote from Neil himself:

“When asked about a long-awaited third video game in The Last of Us series, he smiles. “As far as the next game at Naughty Dog, I can’t say anything,” he says. “My comms director over there will slaughter me.””

Entertainment Weekly

The indication that his comms director would be displeased about him revealing anything, means that there could be something to be revealed. As a result, this could be a great revelation for fans, who are excited to see what is in store next.

This comes off the back of another interview from March, where Neil spoke about Naughty Dog having chosen its next IP to work on.

At the time, it was unclear if it was an entirely new game, or just a new installment. This Entertainment Weekly interview now points in the direction that it could well be The Last of Us Part III.

As a Naughty Dog and The Last of Us fan, this seems to be promising. Usually, developers don’t even hint or joke about projects until they have been green lit. So, it will be interesting to see what other information arises in the coming months, or if something is maybe shown at a PlayStation Showcase.

Whether it is on its way or not, we’ll be sure to keep you updated about this journey to The Last of Us Part III!

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