Horizon Forbidden West Accessibility Features Detailed by PlayStation

horizon forbidden west accessibility

With Guerrilla Games’ anticipated sequel Horizon Forbidden West only just around the corner, the developer has today highlighted some of the accessibility features that will be available for the game at launch.

“…we established that we wanted to bring the game to as many fans as possible and create an immersive and accessible experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. Some of these return from Horizon Zero Dawn, and some are newly added as we’ve continued to learn and understand more about the needs of our players,” said principal designer Brian Roberts in a PS Blog post earlier today.

The article then provides a full overview of the features, which includes general features such as subtitles, tutorials, and difficulty settings. There are also options that offer a more granular level of customization, which allows players to change controls, audio and visual settings, and gameplay assist settings. I won’t list them all here when they’re so neatly laid out over on the blog.

Overall, it looks like a fairly standard list of features, though it’s positive to see features like subtitle size and audio levels for speech as a customizable function. Also, that Guerrilla committed to ensuring the game can be played by the widest volume of players who may have individual needs; Roberts notes that in addition to what has been listed today, Guerilla will “continue to look at ways to make Horizon Forbidden West even more accessible.”

Horizon Forbidden West releases for PS5 and PS4 on Feb. 18, 2022.

For more on the game, you can also watch another trailer focusing on the machines, and one featuring the tribes that populate the game’s world.

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