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Gotham Knights Shows Off New Gameplay Demo Starring Nightwing & Red Hood

Warner Bros. Games woke up early on May 10 to give us more footage for their upcoming title Gotham Knights.

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Starring Nightwing and Red Hood, the new gameplay showcases 13 minutes of the heroes breaking down how they play as they look to take on the Court of Owls.

The trailer goes into great detail showing the difference in style of how both Nightwing and Red Hood operate gameplay-wise. Nightwing is much more acrobatic and will fly around the map with the help of his “Flying Trapeze” while Red Hood can use soul energy to aid him in combat and in traversal.

As the trailer progresses, Game Director Geoff Ellenor, provides extra context into different areas of the game such as the hub, The Belfry, where players can use the Batcomputer to choose challenges to take on or advance the story. Geoff also details the game’s upgrading system allowing players to customize their character their own way through the discovery of blueprints and crafting materials.

It is important to note that this game will have co-op and can be played either solo or with a friend. Gotham Knights is set to release Oct. 25, 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC as the last generation versions have been canned.

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