A Free-to-Play Marvel Game Is Copying Street Fighter Attacks

Spider-Man is a big fan of Chun-Li.

Street Fighter has been around long enough to inspire nearly every fighting game after it, and spawned countless imitators. However, the free-to-play game Marvel: Contest of Champions may be taking its inspiration a little too far. Some newer characters in Contest of Champions have animations that look very similar to moves from Street Fighter games.

The first example came from Spider-Man’s “Flurry of Blows” attack. When activated, Spider-Man kicks his enemy multiple times before launching them into the air with a final attack. It also happens to look exactly the same as Chun-Li’s new Critical Art. Twitter user Lythero created a comparison gif to show just how close these moves are.


This could be written off as a homage, as both Chun-Li and Spider-Man were playable in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. However, players have found another attack in the game that seems to be lifted from Street Fighter.

Luke Cage’s special attack “Sweet Christmas” shares more than a few similarities with Cody’s “Final Destruction” Ultra Combo. The only thing missing is a giant tornado at the end.


Marvel: Contest of Champions might be inspired by Street Fighter, but they’re toeing the line between inspiration and blatant copying with these moves. If Captain America starts throwing Hadoukens, Capcom might start throwing lawsuits.


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