Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z Collab Teased With Release Date Announcement

Combining Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z is the best idea.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z Collab Teased With Release Date Announcement

That’s right, the long rumored collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z is now completely official. Though, the announcement is a little bare bones and the full weight of the collaboration is yet to be seen, we at least know when it will drop. Though, seeing how the announcement tweet heavily features Shenron, it’s definitely safe to say that’s a huge hint of some sort.

It is safe to assume that this collaboration will tie into the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film that is hitting theaters in North America next week.

Players will be able to (presumably) play as Goku on Aug. 16. This is most certainly not the first anime that has had characters feature on Fortnite. Just a couple months ago new Naruto characters were released onto the Item Shop with a new event that let players earn related cosmetics.

It’s possible that the Dragon Ball Z introduction will also include an event of some sort to earn related items, but that is purely speculation. At this time, no further information is known for exactly what this collaboration will be bringing to the table.

For those interested in seeing the actual introduction, here is the Tweet that might have you humming Cha-La Head-Cha-La to yourself.

Again, we don’t have any advance knowledge on this, but considering all the possibilities for cosmetics is incredibly fun. Imagine being able to have a Dragon Ball Back Bling and getting to choose whichever star ball you wanted. The full reveal is only five days away to get to finally see.

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