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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Battle Pass – All Skins Revealed So Far

It is guaranteed to be an iconic Battle Pass!

The new season, Fortnite OG, is drawing near and everyone is wondering what it will bring. After all the speculation on how the map will change, many of us are also thinking about what skins Fortnite will bless us with in this upcoming Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Battle Pass.

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What to Expect From the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Battle Pass

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Image Credit: Salvetretzzo on X/Twitter

Streamers like Salvetretzzo were sent an amazing package from Epic which dropped huge hints about the next season. Inside was a vinyl of the original Fortnite theme, dog tags, and pins showing some iconic Fortnite moments. One of the pins depicts the next season’s title: Fortnite OG.

This theme fits perfectly with the skins we are expecting to see in the new Battle Pass which players have been debating about online for days now. Chapter 4 Season 5 is bringing OG skins back with a twist and a few original concepts.

All Leaked Battle Pass Skins for Next Season

Three skins have been leaked and posted on Twitter so we get to see the sort of thing we will expect for this Battle Pass. Chapter 4 Season 5 will see the return of Lynx and Ragnarok. iFireMonkey leaked a few skins on X/Twitter this week. It looks like Lynx will be getting a couple of upgrades as Renegade Lynx and Dark Storm Renegade Lynx.

lynx fortnite skins
Image Credit: iFireMonkey on X/Twitter

Ragnarok is also back with an Omega restyling as Omegarok. He looks shinier, futuristic and ready for whatever the new season brings!

Omegaok fortnite
Image Credit: iFireMonkey on X/Twitter

There is also some speculation about whether we will have Marty McFly as a fun addition, but that isn’t yet confirmed.

Other Possible Skins for Next Season

More ideas for possible skins can be found at Fortnite Survey Skins, a site where old and new designs concepts are voted on by players. At the top of the list is an amazing green and black wolf design which would look fantastic as a skin so hopefully we get to unlock him in the Battle Pass.

fortnite OG skin concepts chapter 4 season 5
Image Source: Survey Skins

Everyone is hoping to see Kit, a tiny feline who rides about in a mech made of junk. We first met Kit in Chapter 2 Season 3, and their original skin could be unlocked at level 60 of the pass. The new sleek version looks like it is from the far future, with Kit inside a fully upgraded space-age mech suit.

Next up is our main guy and OG character Jonesy. He has had many skins over the years which all reflect the adventures he has been on. He’s been shipwrecked, turned into slurp, become a prisoner, a secret agent, and so much more! In Chapter 4 Season 5, he is Galaxy Jonesy, fitted out in a swirling mass of star-filled purple and blue. He looks god-like, which would reflect his important position in the Fortnite universe.

It also looks like Jonesy will get a retro game graphics style which looks so cute. The details are smoothed out while the style itself is blocky and angular like an old ’90s console game character. I can see this one being hugely popular among Jonesy fans, and he may even find love from retro game fans.

Finally, we could see Peely Jonesy in the next Battle Pass. Two iconic Fortnite characters in one. Jones is in a Peely costume, complete with the peel open at the top. Jonesy and Peely are both hugely popular in Fortnite, and big parts of the Fortnite lore, so this would make an epic addition to the collection.

There are bound to be more skins to unlock when the Chapter 4 Season 5 Battle Pass is released, so we excitedly await the new season coming soon. For more Fortnite news and tips, we also have articles on the Fortnite OG map, weapons, and downtime.

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