Fans Are Convinced That a New Fortnite Outfit Is a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Reference

There are some striking similarities.

Fans Are Convinced That a New Fortnite Outfit Is a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Reference Image Source: Epic Games

Fortnite fans have taken to Twitter to share their feelings about a new Fortnite Outfit called Hana, which was recently added to the Item Shop. The consensus seems to be that the outfit is a reference (or knock-off) of the character Jolyne Cujoh from the Stone Ocean arc of the popular anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The original Tweet from the official Fortnite announcing the new outfit has been met with tons of replies calling out the similarities and sharing memes.

Some of the comparisons are understandable, such as the neon-yellow hair and the dark blue outfit with green accents. The only thing missing is the unique headwear that Jolyne Cujoh wears in the anime. However, it’s almost certain any similarities are just a coincidence, as Fortnite has a proven track record of official anime crossovers. Still, fans of the anime and Fortnite aren’t discouraged and continue to make the connection.

The Hana Outfit is currently available on the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks, with one of the alternate styles featuring a racing helmet that does take the Outfit farther away from the Jolyne comparisons.

It’s currently unknown how long the Hana Outfit will be in the Item Shop, so anyone wanting the skin for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure roleplay purposes should get it while they can. Maybe Epic Games are even listening, and all of the attention this skin has gotten from Jojo fans will lead to a possible crossover down the line. A Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure x Fortnite collaboration would certainly fit, as every anime crossover to date has been a Shonen Jump title.

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