Disney Dreamlight Valley Rift in Time Expansion Pack
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Disney Dreamlight Valley Showcase Reveals New Characters, Multiplayer Features, Rift in Time Expansion & More

A whole new world!

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first-ever showcase unveiled a ton of new features for the game, from the latest update on multiplayer to a sizable map expansion.

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To kick things off, everyone’s favorite Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, will be arriving in the Valley on Dec. 5, 2023, along with the addition of the ValleyVerse. The ValleyVerse will be a part of DDV’s new multiplayer content, where players can visit each other’s magical worlds. You can show off your creations to your friends and family, similar to Animal Crossing, and visit Scrooge McDuck’s shop to access a different inventory selection.

On top of these features, the A Rift in Time expansion pack will also launch during the same period, bringing in an all-new world to the realm. Players will experience the wonders of the Eternity Isle as they fight to save it from the treacherous Jafar. Fortunately, a few friends are there to help along the way, including the characters WALL-E’s EVE, Tangled’s Rapunzel, and Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston (though he might just be selfishly helping himself.)

There’s a plethora of new features to look forward to in this location, including the latest Royal Tool, ingredients, recipes, and critters. For instance, you can anticipate seeing capybaras, monkeys, and cobra snakes roaming around the Eternity Isle. Players can also wield the Royal Hourglass to reverse time and pull hidden treasures from another dimension.

Aside from the rest of the 2023 roadmap, we got the inside scoop on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s 2024 roadmap, beginning with the Monster Inc. realm. Then, Princess Tiana will make her debut in the summertime as the new talented chef in town.

While DDV will remain a paid game (free-to-play is no longer a part of the plan), it is certainly worth every penny with all the content shown during the showcase and everything else that’s already in the base game. There will undoubtedly be more content to look forward to as the Early Access period ends, and you can stay up-to-date on all the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley news on Twinfinite!

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