Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers for PS4 & Switch Gets Wacky New Trailer

During its Tokyo Game Show 2020 presentation, D3 Publisher revealed a new trailer of Earth Defense Force: World Brothers.
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During its Tokyo Game Show 2020 presentation, D3 Publisher revealed a new trailer of Earth Defense Force: World Brothers.

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If you know D3 Publisher and the Earth Defense Force franchise, you can probably predict at least the tone of what you’re about to see.

Yes. It’s as wacky as you’d expect, but it’s also interesting as it showcases the return of some giant monsters from previous games.

You can check it out below.

If you’re unfamiliar with Earth Defense Force: World Brothers, here’s an official description directly from the developer.

Unlike the original “EDF” series, which are drawn in a photo-realistic world, this game is boldly drawn in a voxel world! For people who just hate the look of huge real insects, or who are not so good at some brutal in-game expressions, this game can be your first EDF experience which you can exhilaratinglly defeat gigantic enemies.

A new battlefield appears in the “EDF” series.

A new battlefield appears in the “EDF” series. This time, the world becomes the square Earth. The name of this game is “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS”. This game takes place in the 3D voxel world, which everything is made up of square pieces. In this world, the Earth is not round but square. And now, this voxel Earth is fallen apart into square pieces, breaking its blocky peace. But whether round or square, the Earth must be the Earth. So now, the player and the “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE” must rise to the occasion and save the day to restore a shattered Voxel Earth to one peace.

Save the broken Earth

Can no one live on a disjointed Earth? Yeah, you know the answer to that. The promise of the world of EDF is that the strongest people are always the general public. The broken Earth is alive in each area that has become parts, and all civilians are waiting for our help.
Cities around the world and those famous landmarks become stages, floating in outer space. Because the areas are disjointed, there exist broken Earth boundary line (a huge cliff) at the end of each stage.

Build your own EDF unit

EDF members are struggling in isolated countries around the world.
By rescuing and gathering those members, you can build your own Earth Defense Force team. Each mission is tackled by a 4-member team that players can mix and match between EDF members to maximize each of their abilities to lay waste on their enemies.

EDF’s historic soldier classes return in characterized forms

Those soldier classes and members which appeared in the past “EDF” series make a comeback and they will fight again to save the voxel world.
The slodier classes from the numbering series “THE EARTH DEFENSE FORCE” and “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5” will appear in this game. Also, the legendary Army Soldiers, the old-fashioned Pail Wings, and Fencers and Air Raiders from “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4” will all fight in the same dream team unit.

Those who have experienced the series may feel nostalgia and those who have never experienced the series before may enjoy this game as an introduction to the successive series.

Collect local EDF members

The broken Earth is waiting for our help in each area. In addition to the legendary members, there are local EDF members known as the “Brothers & Sisters” in these areas. Release and save each area and recruit the Brothers & Sisters all over the world. A total of 100 members can be enlisted. Can you gather all the members scattered around the world to form the best and the most strongest unit?

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers was announced for Japan in late June with a December 24 release date for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It’ll come west in early 2021.

If you want to see more, you can check out the first gameplay revealed earlier today.

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