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EA Quietly Increase FIFA 23 FIFA Point Prices Ahead of EA Sports FC Transition

The FIFA Point price increase won't be popular with players.

FIFA 23 developers EA have quietly implemented a widespread FIFA Point price increase ahead of the transition to EA Sports FC. The changes were first noticed on June 1, rolling out to players on all platforms on that date. While most players are now seeing the changes in-game, EA have not commented publicly on the changes. Needless to say, they’re not popular with players.

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FIFA Points have long been a contentious topic in the FIFA series. They allow players to convert real-life money into Points that can be used to buy in-game packs or cosmetics. There is no way for players to legitimately buy coins in Ultimate Team, with such practices banned and strictly policed by EA.

For a long time, FIFA Point prices have remained the same – with the only real variance in them a result of currency fluctuations. However, widespread increases to the in-game currency were implemented on June 1, seeing the cost of FIFA Point packages in certain currencies in FIFA 23 increase.

The changes are believed to be part of a wider EA move to adjust in-game currency costs to reflect real life currency conditions. For example, GBP prices in Apex Legends have also been increased. Other currencies, like EUR and USD, have not been changed across EA titles. It’s not entirely clear which currencies have been affected, with EA still fairly quiet on the matter.

It’s probably best to check your store on any EA title you play to see if your local currency has been affected.

FIFA 23 FIFA Points Price Increase Image, showing prices before and after via in-game store screengrabs
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All FIFA Point Price Increases

In the table below, we’ve detailed the price increases for average FIFA 23 players, in GBP. Players who have EA Play – a subscription service for EA titles – will receive slightly cheapened prices compared to the new ones. Depending on the FIFA Points package purchased, this is still more expensive than the old price in some instances. An EA Play subscription costs £3.99 per month.

The full FIFA Point price increases are shown below:

FIFA PointsPre-Update CostNew CostEA Play Cost

While the increases do vary depending on the amount of points purchased, they appears to have gone up by between 10% (12,000 FIFA Points) and 25% (100 FIFA Points).

EA have not publicly commented on the price rises yet. The inclusion of loot boxes and FIFA Points has long been controversial, with some European nations, like Belgium, prohibiting their inclusion on the basis they constitute unregulated gambling. Some argue their implementation is even more egregious because a large portion of FIFA’s player base is young.

Regardless, the price rises have been implemented and, based on past changes of this ilk, don’t seem like they’ll be reversed anytime soon. For all the latest on EA’s footballing future, stay with us at Twinfinite.

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