Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 Roadmap Features New Realms, Beloved Princesses, Multiplayer, & More

On to the next magical adventure!

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 Roadmap Image Source: Gameloft

The magic of Disney Dreamlight Valley has continued to spread throughout the lands as the 2023 Content Roadmap races out onto the track.

You’ll see new but familiar faces added to the character collection, with Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope von Schweetz for the Summer update and Beauty and the Beast’s Belle for the September release. These residents of the Valley were previously hinted at in other announcements, especially with Belle’s appearance on the cover art and the racing tease from the first roadmap.

One of the most anticipated features from the 2023 Roadmap is the arrival of multiplayer, a mechanic not currently present in the base game. Thus, fans can finally explore the realms with their friends and family, possibly allowing them to customize the Valley with the new materials.

Those who want to know what to expect in June will be happy to see the upcoming launch of the Remembering, which has been classified as the “biggest story update yet.”

Ironically, the Remembering update will reveal more information about the Forgetting, the darkness that plagues the realms.

As expected, new Star Paths will be implemented for each release, with the celebration of D100 and Pixar universes. However, the September launch remains a mystery, as the roadmap notes, “Darkness returns to the Valley…” Some fans already believe this marks the beginning of the villainous Maleficent, but there isn’t an official confirmation yet.

The remainder of the year looks bright with an all-new lineup of mechanics that will undoubtedly expand the gameplay of DDV, such as a new Royal Tool, frontiers, and other characters.

For now, you can prepare for the next update in early June to learn about the dark truth behind the Forgetting.

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