Dislyte’s Upcoming Static Shock Update Adds Zeus to the Roster; Pick & Ban PvP Mode Teased

Zeus finally enters the fray.

zeus in dislyte

Ophelia, AKA Thanatos, was just released in Dislyte, but Farlight Games has wasted no time in teasing their next 5-star addition to the roster. Zeus was actually leaked very early on in the game’s life cycle, and it looks like we’ll finally get to see him in action in the next update.

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Titled Static Shock, this update will see in the introduction of Zeus, known in-game as Gaius, as well as 4-star Inferno Esper Magni, and 4-star Wind Esper Vermillion Bird. You can check out the trailer down below:

In addition to the three new Espers, we’re also getting two more cosmetic skins. This time, they’re for Ye Suhua and Li Ling. These will be paid-only cosmetics, so players will have to shell out some money if they want to nab them.

Finally, the trailer also teases what looks like a new PvP mode with a pick and ban system, where players should be able to ban certain characters from competing. This should make for very interesting and unique team compositions and match-ups in the PvP scene, which has admittedly gotten pretty stale over the past few months.

Dislyte is now available on mobile devices.

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