Detroit Become Human Has Sold Over 6 Million Units Worldwide

detroit become human

It’s nearly been three years since the launch of Quantic Dream’s acclaimed Detroit Become Human, but the game has seemingly remained a hot seller. The developer has today announced via Twitter that is has now surpassed an impressive 6 million units worldwide.

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That’s up from 3 million back in 2019, presumably largely as a result of the PC version which launched shortly after the 3 million figure was disclosed. Notably, Heavy Rain’s tally of 5 million sales had previously meant it was the developer’s best-selling game, but unless that figure has increased by 1 million since 2019, it is now Detroit Become Human that holds that particular title.

Both games were directed by David Cage, a developer known for his storytelling prowess and enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of the video game medium.

Twinfinite reviewed Detroit Become Human back in 2018 and absolutely loved it, scoring the game 4.5/5 and said of it:

“I couldn’t put Detroit: Become Human down, and after I beat it, I immediately replayed all the chapters to get the different outcomes.”

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