Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Celebrates Half-Life: Alyx With New Customization Options

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If you’re excited for the long-awaited release of Half-Life: Alyx, you can now display your love of Valve’s signature franchise while defusing bombs in Counter-Stike: Global Offensive.

Starting yesterday, CS: GO players can purchase Half-Life stickers, pins, and patches to customize their weapons, profile, and characters, respectively. These customization items include tons of iconic symbols from the Half-Life franchise, such as the Black Mesa and HEV Suit Lambda emblems, Combine Soldier helmets, and Vortigaunt heads.

The stickers even feature a few memes, such as a Vortigaunt with a Bob Ross afro and a Headcrab offering a free hug (word of advice: DO NOT ACCEPT THE HUG).

Moreover, players who bought the Valve Index VR Kit before today will receive two special CS: GO bonuses. The first gift is a Genuine pin of Alyx’s head in profile (which is more valuable than the normal Alyx head pin), and Valve Index owners will also receive an “exclusive” Half-Life: Alyx music kit that replaces the standard CS: GO soundtrack.

The special Half-Life: Alyx stickers, pins, and patches cost as much as normal CS: GO customization items and have the same restrictions. Patches are one-use items and cannot be recovered once removed; stickers can be scratched to look more worn until they are completely removed, and all items are random. If you buy the patch pack and want the Black Mesa patch, you might end up with the Vortigaunt head instead.

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