Clan Luminous Confirmed as World First to Clear Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt Raid

deep stone crypt world first

Today Bungie confirmed the winner of the world first race for Deep Stone Crypt, the latest raid added into Destiny 2.

The winners were Clan Luminous a team that included: Aoterra, Claw, Flux, Schendzie, SiegeDancers and Sotosolice. Congratulations to the entire squad on earning their world first belt.

Having attempted the raid myself during contest mode, I can attest that it was no easy task completing it as blindly and quickly as Clan Luminous, so hats off to them. This is their first world first win, edging out Clan Redeem whom also participated and have won a handful of world first races across Destiny 1 and Destiny 2.

Anyone that completed the raid during the first 24 hours while contest mode was live also received an exclusive in-game emblem to flex on others with. Anyone that completes it before Dec. 1’s reset will receive the opportunity to buy a themed raid parka.

I’d love to talk more about Deep Stone Crypt but it is filled with surprising story twists that would be spoilerific. I highly recommend getting a team together and giving it a go yourself.

Check out our spoiler free raid ready guide if you’re planning on attempting a clear.

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