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5 Tips to Be Raid Ready for Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt This Weekend

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5 Tips to Be Raid Ready for Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt This Weekend

Get to 1230+ Power

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Ready Tips

raid ready deep stone crypt

The absolute most important key to not dying in an early raid clear run, as we learned from Datto way back in the day, is to wear the highest possible power gear that you can wear when you enter Deep Stone Crypt for the first time.

If you’re going for a day 1 clear, you’re going to be restricted to 1230 power with no help from the artifact mod. To realistically have a chance of completing Deep Stone Crypt while it’s in contest mode you’re going to really need to be at 1230 power or as close as you can possibly get to it.

Ideally, all your favorite stuff is at 1230, but even if you don’t love what you got you should put it on if it’s a higher power level, full stop.

Also, upgrade your gear and pack on the perks!

There are few times in Destiny 2 where it’s actually super challenging and you need to wring every ounce of strength from your gear. An early raid clear is one of those times. If you’re not finally going to spend those Ascendant Shards, then when are you?

In case you need to adjust on the fly, make sure you have the Destiny 2 app downloaded so you can access your vault, and have lots of materials such as Upgrade Modules and Enhancement Cores stocked up as well. You don’t want to derail your whole team by asking to go to the Tower, especially if you’re racing.

After contest mode is over you’ll get a little bit of a break as restrictions ease, but the idea is the same. Get that power level up, up, up!

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