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Check Out How Much of a Gamer You Are With the PlayStation 2022 Wrap-up

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Check Out How Much of a Gamer You Are With the PlayStation 2022 Wrap-up

Find out how much time you’ve spent on your PlayStation device in 2022.

The end of 2022 is rapidly approaching, and nothing says the end is nigh than a console manufacturer telling its fanbase how to figure out how they spent the year.

Starting today until Jan. 13, PlayStation gamers can relive their year of gaming through the platform’s Wrap-Up as announced on the PlayStation Blog. You can check out your own wrap-up here.

As usual with the PS Wrap-Up, it will show all the major stats accrued throughout the year, such as how many games you played, the total trophies you earned, the hours you played, and even community stats across different titles. However, The Wrap-Up is not final as it will update until Jan. 1, meaning the most accurate information will be available at the start of the new year. 

Completing the Wrap-Up will grant one of six Astro Bot avatars, with the codes for said avatars being shareable with friends and family. Codes are already out in the wild, with Twitter user Wario64 sharing their discovery for everyone to partake in.

This year was a busy year for Sony and PlayStation gamers. Elden Ring kicked off the start of the year with a bang before taking home Game of the YearHorizon Forbidden West revisited Aloy’s story, and God of War Ragnarok brought gamers to the end of times. Expect to see a lot of these three games in the community Wrap-Up section, as well as many more big names.

Be sure to check out our related section below for everything PlayStation based, or if you feel comfortable, let us know what your Wrap-Up looked like below!

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