Bungie Disables All Heavy Grenade Launchers In Destiny 2 Due to Damage Issues

New Season, new glitches. With a recent bug being discovered, Bungie has now disabled all Heavy Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2.

With a new season comes a new batch of errors and bugs to go with it. The latest bug to plague Destiny 2 might be one of the most significant errors the game has seen, and in response to this glitch, Bungie has now disabled all Heavy Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2.

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For those not aware, Destiny 2 is pretty notorious when it comes to errors and glitches upon the launch of a new season or expansion. The latest addition, Season of Plunder, is no exception. Due to a new glitch that allowed Heavy Grenade launchers to deal far more damage than intended, Bungie disabled all non-sunsetted versions of this weapon. This includes all Rare, Legendary, and Exotic versions, except Parasite, Salvations Grip, and all Uncommon versions.

We previously saw a similar glitch in the game in Season 17, where a Legendary Liner Fusion Rifle, Stormchaser, did far more damage than intended and was later nerfed in the season.

Currently, it is not known when Bungie will re-enable them for everyday use again. More often than not, these types of errors don’t take long to fix. Worst case scenario, they stay disabled for more than a week. But with the upcoming Worlds First Raid Race with the Kings Fall Raid on Friday, Aug. 26, it is doubtful Bungie will keep them out of the game for long.

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