Bungie Compares Deep Stone Crypt Raid Completion Stats, Prophecy Dungeon Return Date & More in Latest Destiny 2 TWAB

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In the latest TWAB Bungie has shared some juicy completion stats for Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s raid, Deep Stone Crypt, giving players a sense of how easy/active Deep Stone Crypt was in its first ten days in comparison to Garden of Salvation and Last Wish. The differences are quite massive.

The statistics, provided by Bungie, highlight how much easier, or at least active Deep Stone Crypt was in its first day, and in its first ten days (the amount of time to complete the quest for the jacket) as compared to Garden of Salvation and certainly as compared to Last Wish.

While I imagine increased popularity has something to do with it as more players give Destiny 2 a shot and how all the expansions are included with Game Pass, in my experience, Deep Stone Crypt is definitely the one of the easier raids released in years.

I was not one of the 3,555 people who finished Last Wish in its first ten days. That raid was/is brutal, especially early on.

I might have been unique raid activity clear number 33151 for Garden of Salvation. I just barely got my win within the first ten days for that one, less than an hour before the cut off if I remember correctly.

Deep Stone Crypt? I cruised through it pretty easily within the first 36 hours. One reason for how much easier my experience was for Deep Stone Crypt is because of the releases of the quest for The Lament.

The Lament is an extremely powerful and relatively easy to get exotic sword which was released after the world first and it was a huge help for getting through the difficult second encounter.

Even without The Lament, though, as you can see in Day 1 Stats, many players were able to get their Deep Stone Crypt clears as compared to the other two currently active raids.

We’ll see how players fair with the Vault of Glass whenever that return. See if them New Light players enjoy themselves in the Gorgon’s Maze…

Speaking of returning, Bungie has confirmed the return of The Prophecy dungeon to Destiny 2. Surprise! It’s actually releasing quite soon, next week in fact on Dec. 8 and will be free to all players. It will reward powerful rewards at each checkpoint and a pinnacle reward for completing it.

On that same day, Bungie will deploy the next-gen upgrades for Destiny 2. All platforms will benefit, but in particular, PS5 and Xbox Series X players will get to enjoy crisp 60 FPS and 4K support.

Finally, Bungie also lowkey announced a pretty cool feature. Players will be able to take bounties from Destiny 2 vendors by using the Destiny companion app which should save players a lot of time making short trips to the Tower. This will also come in the Dec. 8 update.

Oh and Iron Banner is next week too, in case you weren’t already aware.

Check out the full TWAB complete with other news and notes such as bugs and a look at upcoming Dawning armor concept art right here.

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