Blind Yourself With Tears in PSVR2 With Before Your Eyes’ Heartfelt Trailer

Is my VR set crying, or am I?

Before Your Eyes coming to PSVR2 Image Source: GoodbyeWorld Games

Despite the PSVR2 launching just a few days ago, Sony is showing no sign of slowing down the support for the second iteration of the headset. With an already impressive library of titles, GoodbyeWorld Games will be bringing its award-winning title, Before Your Eyes, to the PSVR2.

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Before Your Eyes is set to hit PSVR2 this March, and fair warning, the tears will be plentiful as GoodbyeWorld Games’ title will tear at heartstrings. Inspired by the 1949 stage play, Death of a Salesman, players control the recently deceased Benjamin Brynn and experience his life through his memories.

Playing as Brynn, players will travel through various points in his life as they uncover more about the character through his memories. Blinking is an integral part of the game, as it’ll progress time through his life while focusing on important moments such as his first love, family, and the rise of his artistic career. Before Your Eyes will make use of the PSVR2’s impressive front-facing camera technology, which boasts a much-improved field of view and refresh rate.

GoodbyeWorld Games’ title has been playable on other platforms since 2021, winning numerous awards and receiving extremely high praise. No doubt the enhancements on the PSVR2 will make this one of the best ways to experience this title when it arrives.

Before Your Eyes launches on PSVR2 March 10, 2023, and be sure to have a plentiful amount of tissues at the ready; it’s going to be an emotional ride.

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