Who are the twins in Atomic Heart and What are their names?
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Atomic Heart is Robot Rocking It on Game Pass, & Only One Game Is More Played on Xbox

How titillating!

Since its release on Feb. 21, indie FPS Atomic Heart has been making its mark on Game Pass. In a recent tweet from industry sales analyst BenjiSales, it was revealed that the debut effort from developer Mundfish had claimed top three for all platforms available on the service; second in cloud downloads, and third on console and PC, respectively.

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Perhaps to the surprise of nobody, the one single player game that is still king of the hill on Xbox remains Hogwarts Legacy. It will take quite the effort or at least a little more time for any contender to knock the wizarding world from its lofty perch.

With its content and themes, Atomic Heart was bound to catch some buzz on the gaming scene. These early returns are quite encouraging, and perhaps indicative of the demand for someone to fill the BioShock-esque void.

Set in an alternate universe USSR blessed with incredible technology, Atomic Heart is an insight into the seedy underbelly of nationalism, laden with aggressive machinery and an overtalkative protagonist. We had already pegged it as being well suited to Game Pass, though in our review we found the game to be a little lacking, overall.

It is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Game Pass. For more content on everything Atomic Heart and beyond, please smotret’ the links below.

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