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Marvel Snap’s New Raft Location Forces Players to Fill a Lane Quickly

The Raft forces you to act fast.

The Sword and Shield season is currently underway in Marvel Snap, and developers Second Dinner have continued to keep players on their toes by introducing brand new locations into the rotation. Last week, we had the Triskelion which, if we’re being honest, totally sucked. The Triskelion fills your hand with random cards, blocks your next draw, and could really screw you over if the cards you got were bad or had no synergy with your deck whatsoever.

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The new Featured Location for this week, however, is a little more interesting. Named The Raft, this location has the following effect: Whoever fills this location first draws a 6-cost card. It costs 0.

There are a few ways to go about playing around this location. My first instinct was to play a Kazoo style deck with a ton of 1-cost cards and Chavez to help thin it out. This would allow me to flood the lane quickly, and let me draw Chavez early and play her for zero cost.

You could, of course, negate your opponent’s advantage by playing cards like Wave to limit how many cards they can drop next turn, or disrupt them with Ice Man, change the location with Rhino or Scarlet Witch, the list goes on. Either way, as the current Featured Location, The Raft has a 40% chance of showing up in games over the next two days, and it should be fun to see what kinds of deck builds emerge in the meantime.

Marvel Snap is set to be released globally on Oct. 18.

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