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Marvel Snap Best Nick Fury Decks & Combos

Here's our take on the best Nick Fury deck you can make in Marvel Snap.

With the release of the Sword and Shield season, Marvel Snap players can now purchase the new season pass to get a new card, Nick Fury. With a new card to play around with, here’s our take on the best Nick Fury decks and combos in Marvel Snap.

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Marvel Snap Best Nick Fury Deck

First off, Nick Fury is a 5-cost, 7-power card with the On Reveal ability: Add 3 random 6-cost cards to your hand. This ability is immediately appealing because he makes for a decent turn five play, where he’ll give you three 6-cost options to consider for your final turn. This can be especially helpful in games where you might’ve had bad draws, or don’t have a great play line for turn six.

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Not only that, though, his ability also synergizes extremely well with Collector-style decks. While The Collector might’ve been nerfed to get only +1 power with each card added to your hand, Nick Fury’s inclusion in Marvel Snap will at least provide a bit more consistency to The Collector’s power in most of your games.

Because we’re essentially drafting a Collector-style deck with Nick Fury, we’ll need to bring in the usual suspects like Moon Girl and Devil Dino as well. Here are our picks for the cards needed in a strong Nick Fury deck:

  • Agent 13
  • Quinjet
  • Angela
  • The Collector
  • Cable
  • Sentinel
  • Wave
  • Devil Dino
  • Moon Girl
  • Magik
  • Sera
  • Nick Fury

The only Pool 3 cards you’ll need are Quinjet, Wave, Magik, and Sera. However, Quinjet is really the only card I’d consider essential to the deck. It’s a cheap 1-cost card that reduces the cost of all cards that don’t start in your deck by 1, which will allow you to play any of Nick Fury’s added 6-cost cards, plus an extra 1-cost on turn six.

Wave and Sera would definitely be very nice options to have as well, as Wave can let you play Nick Fury early, or Sera if you have her. Sera also works in tandem with Quinjet, dropping all your card costs by 1 (to a minimum of 1), allowing you to play extremely cheaply. Finally, Magik is pretty much the best card in Marvel Snap right now thanks to her ability to extend the game by one turn on a dime. She can enable big, surprising final turn plays that catch your opponent off-guard, and also give you more time to flood the board with your dirt cheap cards if you managed to play Sera beforehand.

Some decent substitutes for them would be Jubilee, who lets you cheat out a card from your deck on turn 4, and Chavez, who can help in thinning out your deck a bit by ensuring that you won’t draw her till turn six. Iron Man is also a great option here, as he usually is in almost every deck in Marvel Snap, as his ongoing ability lets you double your power at any location.

The rest of the cards are pretty standard fare in any Collector-style deck. Agent 13 creates a random card in your hand, Cable lets you steal a card from your opponent’s deck, while Sentinel will ensure that you’ll be always be able to fill out your curve each turn while also creating extra Sentinel cards in your hand. All these cards will ensure that your Collector keeps growing in power over time.

Moon Girl will duplicate your hand to help with Collector’s power, and also makes sure that your Devil Dino can hit the power limit of 14 each game. Your two main power pushes here will likely be Devil Dino and The Collector, with Nick Fury helping to secure a lane with a 7-power push, while also making sure you have strong options for turn six.

And that does it for our take on the best Marvel Snap Nick Fury deck you can make right now. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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