YuGiOh Master Duel Crossplay: How to Play With Friends on Console & PC

master duel crossplay

This game is the latest entry in the long-running card-battling series, and it’s out on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch with mobile versions coming in the future. So, if you’re wondering how to play crossplay with friends in YuGiOh Master Duel, we’ve got all the info you need right here.

How to Play Crossplay With Friends in YuGiOh Master Duel

Thankfully, the process of playing with friends in crossplay is fairly simple here. First, you or your friend will need to click on the profile at the top left corner of the main menu to find a nine-digit player ID number. After you have that, head back to the main menu and select the Friends option in the top-right corner of the screen.

From there, press the + icon in the top-right corner. This will allow you to search for a player by using their ID number.

Input your friend’s ID number to find their profile and follow them. Once you follow each other, you’ll both show up in each other’s Friends tab under Follow/Follower to allow crossplay dueling in Master Duel. Now, select their profile inside either the Follow or Follower section and press Friend Duel to create a lobby.

The only thing left to do is press Invite Friends in the lobby menu to invite someone to duel. Whoever gets invited simply has to go to their Friends menu and select the profile with a red exclamation mark (indicating an invite). The final step here is to pick a table to “sit” at and start deuling.

An added bonus about these lobbies is that, in our experience, they stay open and available even after the game is closed, so friends can simply select Duel from the main menu and enter the lobby the next time they want to play again.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

So, to summarize, here’s how to play crossplay with friends in YuGiOh Master Duel:

  1. Go to the profile at the top-left corner of the main menu to find a nine-digit player ID number.

    Share your IDs with each other to use them in the next step.

  2. Open the Friends tab in the main menu and press the + icon to search for a player using their ID.

    Follow your friend once you find them and have them follow you back.

  3. Select your friend’s profile from the Follow tab in the Friends menu and select Friend Duel to create a lobby.

  4. Select Invite Friends in the lobby menu.

    Your friend can find the invite in their Friends menu under your profile. They must also select Friend Duel.

  5. Sit at a table in the lobby and start dueling.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play crossplay with friends in YuGiOh Master Duel. Be sure to check Twinfinite for more tips and other useful info on the game if you’re looking for a few more pointers on how to do things like craft cards or pick a starter deck.

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