Will Pikachu Be In The New Pokémon Series? Explained

Pokémon's heading in a new direction with a familiar face.

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The Pokémon series is going through unprecedented times because of the imminent departure of Ash and Pikachu. Since their goal of becoming world champions has been completed, the protagonists will be bowing out of the anime soon. New heroes Liko and Roy will take the reins going forward, but they won’t be the only ones. The question on everyone’s mind regarding characters in the next series is: will Pikachu be in the new Pokémon?

Is Ash’s Pikachu Returning in The New Pokémon Series? Answered

A new Pikachu will continue as the Pokémon series mascot and have a main role. As revealed by the official Pokémon UK channel, it won’t be Ash’s Pikachu this time around. The new one will belong to a character called Professor Friede, who will accompany Liko and Roy in the Paldea region.

The electric-type Pokémon even has its own name: Captain Pikachu. The first look at Professor Friede and Captain Pikachu shows both of them donning aviator gear. The professor wears goggles and a costume with a pilot’s aesthetic, while Pikachu is wearing a captain’s hat. They will be accompanying the new heroes to learn about the secrets of Liko’s pendant and Roy’s Poké Ball.

This is a creative way for the Pokémon franchise to continue using the character as its poster figure. The end of Ash’s journey raised questions about how Pikachu’s involvement will be affected; the Captain Pikachu route effectively erases these concerns. The reveal also confirms that the new series will feature an additional protagonist to Liko and Roy. Professor Friede’s status as an older character and a guide makes him similar to Brock, who also acts as Ash, May, Dawn, and Misty’s wiser friend.

The conclusion of Ash’s arc, known as Pokémon: Aim to Be a Pokémon Master, is around the corner. Liko and Roy’s story will begin on April 14, 2023, so it won’t be long before Professor Friede and Captain Pikachu debut as well.

With that, you’ve got your answer as to whether Pikachu will be in the new Pokémon series. For more information about the franchise, take a look at some of our related articles down below.

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