Why Didn't Makima Get Drunk in Chainsaw Man? Answered (Spoilers)
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Why Didn’t Makima Get Drunk in Chainsaw Man? Answered (Spoilers)

This is why Makima wasn't drunk in Chainsaw Man episode seven.

In episode seven of Chainsaw Man, Aki asks Makima if she knows something about Denji that the rest don’t. Makima offers a bet, saying she will tell if Aki can’t outdrink her. Aki loses, and somehow Makima doesn’t appear even a bit tipsy. As it turns out, there’s something big to why this is. Here’s the complete answer to why Makima didn’t get drunk in Chainsaw Man.

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While this question seems innocent enough, there’s a massive spoiler here that won’t be revealed until at least the end of season two and can easily ruin the next bit of the anime if you learn it too soon. Only continue if you’re sure you want to know.

Why Wasn’t Makima Drunk in Chainsaw Man

The reason that Makima doesn’t get drunk is that she can’t. As it just so happens, Makima has been the Control Devil the whole time, and as such, she doesn’t have the capacity to get drunk.

She challenged Aki to the drink bet knowing she couldn’t lose and that she’d never have to hold up her end of the deal. Considering how sneaky and manipulative she has been this whole time, it’s likely she never would’ve fessed up anyway.

She only seeks to control Denji and the powers of the Chainsaw Devil. From the very start, that has been the whole point of her involvement with him. Considering where the season finale ended in episode eight, this revelation is still a little ways off.

That is everything you need to know about why Makima didn’t get drunk in Chainsaw Man. If you’re looking for more spoilers, here’s everything we know about how long Denji was fighting the Eternity Devil.

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