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Who Is the Traitor in My Hero Academia? Answered

My Hero Academia Season 6 Reaches Its Climax in New Trailer
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Who Is the Traitor in My Hero Academia? Answered

The truth is finally revealed.

My Hero Academia is a shonen series that has proven itself to be more than a typical superhero story. It features complex characters who are often tested with various challenges to prove their integrities as heroes. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as honorable as Midoriya, and one person has even become a traitor in My Hero Academia.

***Warning: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia***

The Traitor’s Identity in My Hero Academia

Yuga Aoyama is the traitor in My Hero Academia, and he was forced into becoming a mole within U.A. due to All For One’s coercion. He had been feeding information to the villains, with one notable example being the location of the training camp, which led to the invasion by the Vanguard Action Squad and the capture of Katsuki Bakugo.

Toru Hagakure was the first to discover this fact and quickly informed Midoriya about it. Aoyama does not try to lie when confronted about his betrayal and plainly calls himself a villain. Despite his reprehensible actions, it is clear that the boy hates his role as a spy and does not want to hurt his friends.

My Hero Academia crying Aoyama.
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Aoyama’s parents got involved with All For One because they wanted their son to have a superpower despite being born Quirkless. The villain granted their wish, but they soon found themselves being controlled by the man.

Thankfully, things turned out well for Aoyama because the heroes gave the boy a second chance. With Aoyama’s help, they managed to lure All For One out of his hiding place by making the young hero pretend that he was about to double-cross the protagonist.

That is everything you need to know about the traitor in My Hero Academia. If you want to read more about the series, we have more articles below.

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