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Who Is Bo Katan's Father in The Mandalorian?

Who Is Bo Katan’s Father in The Mandalorian?

Bo Knows.

Bo Katan Kryze appears in the latest episode of The Mandalorian, allowing fans to gain insight into her family’s history on Mandalore. As Bo Katan leads the Mandalorian to the mines of Mandalore, she discusses her times as a child. Here is everything we know about Bo Katan’s father in The Mandalorian.

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Little Is Known About Bo Katan’s Father So Far

Bo Katan’s father was Duke Adonai Kryze, the leader of House Kryze. Labeled as the royal family of Mandalore, Bo Katan speaks blankly to the Mandalorian, describing her father while she went through the childhood ritual of taking the Mandalorian creed. The people adored seeing her recite the creed as her father looked over her during the initiation.

She knew her father was proud of her because she didn’t embarrass him during the process. Despite being given many gifts from the people, she dismissed the entire ceremony as theater. She doesn’t discuss his talents as a father or a leader but plainly states how he was a “great man.”

Bo Katan also tells the Mandalorian that her father “died defending Mandalore.” Upon hearing this news, the Mandalorian honors Bo Katan’s father by saying, “This is the way”. Although Adonai Kryze died during the Mandalorian Civil War, Bo Katan does not present anything else about his death or who might’ve killed him.

That’s everything we know about Bo Katan’s father in The Mandalorian as of right now. Check out the related content below for more insights on the Disney+ series!

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