Where to find sniffers in minecraft trails and tales update 1.20
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Where to Find Sniffers in Minecraft

It's gonna take some archaeology to sniff these guys out.

Minecraft’s Trails and Tales update brings with it archaeology, a new activity that allows you to dig and uncover secrets throughout the world. One of those secrets is the new mob, the sniffer, and it isn’t as easy to find as some of the other creatures roaming the world.

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Where Can You Find Sniffers in Minecraft?

minecraft trails and tales update 1.20 sniffer
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Mojang

Sniffers are mobs that do not spawn normally, but instead hatch out of sniffer eggs. To find these eggs, you have to use a brush on some suspicious gravel or suspicious sand from a Warm Ocean Ruins biome. About 20 minutes in-game after placing the egg, it should hatch into a snifflet, but this process speeds up if you place the egg on a block of moss. You can also breed the Sniffers by giving two of them a torchflower seed, after which they will drop a sniffer egg that can be placed and subsequently hatched into a sniffer of its own.

Although you can only brush their eggs out of suspicious sand or gravel that was in a warm ocean ruins biome, you can still hatch them in other biomes. This means that you can get them to dig ancient seeds for you wherever you live, as long as they have enough room to roam and can dig through the right blocks.

What Do Sniffers Do in Minecraft?

minecraft trails and tales update sniffer digging ancient seed 1.20
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Luckily, the sniffers are passive mobs that will not attack players, even if you attack them first. They walk randomly around the area that they reside in, looking for ancient seeds to dig up that you can collect as they roam about. They can dig up pitcher pods or torchflower seeds, and they can only dig in dirt, grass, podzol, coarse dirt, rooted dirt, moss, mud or muddy mangrove roots.

Unfortunately you aren’t able to ride the sniffers, even though they are surprisingly large when stood next to a player. They can not be tamed like a wolf or a cat can, but you can still technically breed them and use them for farming ancient seeds.

That’s all there is to know about where to find sniffers in Minecraft. There are plenty more additions to the game with the Trails and Tales update, including camels that you actually can ride, so be sure to check back for more Minecraft guides.

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