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What Planet Is Cassian Andor From?

What planet is Cassian Andor from?
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What Planet Is Cassian Andor From?

Find out the latest details about Cassian Andor’s home planet.

Since Cassian Andor’s origins story was briefly mentioned in Rogue One, fans have wondered what really happened to him in his youth. However, the newest Disney+ show has revealed details about his childhood and his plot for revenge against the Empire. In this guide, we’ll discuss the latest information about Cassian Andor’s home planet to truly understand this beloved character’s upbringing.

***Spoilers for Andor Episodes Below***

What Planet Is Cassian Andor From? Answered

Cassian Andor’s home planet is Kenari, a civilization with its own language and culture. It is also located in the Mid Rim, a region of the galaxy between the Expansion Region and the Outer Rim territories. These areas were typically known for their smaller population and lack of natural resources, resulting in a more traditional society.

Based on flashbacks scenes of the show, it is presumed that this society was separated from the rest of the world and had no knowledge about the corruption of the Empire. Additionally, the people of Kenari established a young group of warriors, which Cassian was a part of during his childhood.

What Happened to Cassian Andor’s Home Planet?

During a conversation between Xanwan and Cassian in Episode 2, we learn that Kenari was abandoned after an Imperial mining disaster. Unfortunately, this catastrophic event caused everyone on the planet to die, and the land is still considered to be toxic. But, keep in mind that this storyline could be a cover-up since the people of Kenari were responsible for the death of an Imperial soldier, indicating that the Empire may have intentionally executed them.

Before this disaster occurred, Cassian and other members of the warrior group investigated a fallen ship, where one of the leaders was killed by an Imperial soldier. Therefore, this death would lead to his revenge against the Empire and finally answers the question of what happened during his childhood. Moreover, we discover how Cassian leaves the planet with Maarva, a scavenger that tries to rescue him from being killed.

As an adult, Andor’s primary goal is to find his long-lost sister, who was shown in flashback scenes on the planet. Currently, there are no details about this particular character, and we will have to find out how she survived in future episodes.

Now that you know what planet Cassian Andor is from, you can look forward to additional information about the character once new episodes arrive. For more content about the Disney+ show, you can check out the relevant links below and view our guides about why there are no Inquisitors and the box in the series.

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