What Level Should You Be for Revelation Final Mission in Starfield? Explained

Prepare for one last dive into the unknown.

Masada 3 in Starfield
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So you’ve made it to the farthest reaches of the galaxy – but are you ready for the final test? With the final artifacts on the line, this is the moment that everything’s been leading up to. Before you rush headlong into the final firefight however it might be worth doing some preparation. Here’s what level you should be for the ‘Revelation’ mission in Starfield, and what gear to take with you.

What Level Do You Need To Be To Beat Revelation in Starfield? Explained

You will want to be at least level 20 before you attempt the Revelation mission in Starfield. Thankfully, if you’ve made it this far into the game, chances are you’re already there. Even without doing any side missions, you’ll be more than ready to face what ‘Revelation’ has to throw at you.

As leveling only increases your pool of skill points, you could technically beat the mission at any level. Having said that, ‘Revelations’ will see you pitted against numerous Starborn at once. Taking that into account, it helps to have picked some of the best skills if you want an easier time.

As with previous missions such as Entangled and Unearthed you’ll often be pitted against many enemies at once. Maxing out your Wellness skill will save you many reloads when you accidently step out into a hail of bullets.

What Gear Should You Have Before Starting ‘Revelation’ in Starfield?

There’s no specific gear you need to take with you to beat Revelation. As always however, it helps to pack a few Med Packs and plenty of ammo for your favorite weapons. Thankfully the Buried Temple on Masada 3 is extremely generous with its placement of equipment. Because of this you need not worry about running out of anything you need.

Gear in Starfield
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If you’re running low on Med Packs and ammo following the heavy firefights in the ‘Unearthed’ and ‘Untangled’ missions, it’s worth stocking up on a few before you head to Masada 3. Heading to a lower level planet and taking out any encampments you find is a great way of increasing your stock without having to waste more ammo and medicine in the process.

Even more equipment is found in the many safes that are located throughout the Buried Temple. Again, there are plenty of Digipicks scattered around the Temple, but it’s a good idea to pack a few extra. This is especially true if you’ve not trained the Security skill which makes lockpicking easier.

What Ship Should You Get To Beat Revelation?

Before you can land on Masada 3, you’ll have to take down a handful of Starborn ships. To beat the Starborn’s ships, you’ll want to bring a ship that’s fast and maneuverable. While the enemies aren’t too much of a challenge, their lasers can be punishing.

This battle is only marginally harder than any space battle you’ll have faced before in the main story though, so don’t worry too much. Just about any ship will be capable of beating this part of the mission, including the very affordable Rambler. You can pick this ship up from any major shipyard, such as the one in New Atlantis. Just talk to the Ship Technician.

As with any other space battle, stick to using laser attacks to weaken the enemy’s shields. When their shields are down, switch to ballistics to finish them off. Focus on one ship at a time and adjust your speed to keep them in your sights.

Now you know what level you should be to beat the ‘Revelation’ mission in Starfield. Regardless of whether you chose to side with the Hunter or the Emissary, the end is in sight. There’s still plenty of galaxies to explore though, so be sure to check out more of our Starfield guides down below.

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